What IT Problems Do Micro Modular Data Centers Solve?

In August of 2016, bizjournals.com reported, the marketing firm, Managed Admin LLC, located in Gilbert, AZ. had purchased Elliptical Mobile Solutions, an award-winning modular data center manufacturer.

elliptical-mobile-solutionsThis looks to be a smart investment for Managed Admin LLC. Elliptical Mobile Solutions, whose modular data center systems were used by giants like AOL, has been listed as one of the “notable players in the micro modular data center industry”, by marketsandmarkets.com.

In 2015, marketsandmarkets.com forecasts, that micro modular data center industry growth would accelerate. This will be due to large corporations adopting the new technology. They also stated, “The notable players in this market include AST Modular (Schneider Electric), Canovate Group, Elliptical Mobile Solutions, Huawei, Panduit Corp, Rittal, SGI, Wave-2-Wave Solution Corporation, Zellabox, and Dell.”

Obviously, the research done by marketsandmarkets.com is proving to be true. The data center industry is changing and improving by modernizing its technology. This change couldn’t come at a better time than right now.
elliptical-mobile-solutionsIn today’s modern tech world, the consumer expects more and more from their mobile devices. The problem with this is the limited amount of bandwidth available using today’s internet. But, times are changing fast, the influx of micro modular data centers or MMDC’s is in full force.

Micro modular data centers focus data transmissions away from the large mega data centers, onto localized data processing sources. MMDC’s installed in thousands of locations bring the data source to the end user. This allows the end client to connect to a nearby source, via a high-bandwidth, low-latency cloud connection. By using local sources, devices will need less storage space and resources. MMDC’s can function in the capacity of storage and processing resources for the device.

This allows developers to create new applications or improve existing ones. Today’s data centers are great for connecting business’ and people but it just isn’t fast enough anymore. It also does not provide reliable performance. With more demand comes the need for higher efficiency, MMDC’s are the answer to this problem. They are the internet fix we need, ability to be installed in many locations, require less space and provide reliable fast service.
The IoT (Internet of Things) industry is growing rapidly and is going to need more resources for the data required. The use of MMDC’s allows for the invention of more efficient and smaller wearable devices. This in turns means the end user will start to rely more on newer high-performance devices. MMDC’s are literally speeding up and improving our existing system of high-tech products.

MMDC’s also cut down the space required for data centers as they are self-contained. As opposed to large data centers that require space allocation to include air flow, MMDC’s are self-contained and require much smaller facilities.

The energy operating costs of a large data center usually runs into the millions. MMDC’s use much less energy and could possibly reduce overall energy use by up to 50%. This is a big deal with today’s struggles in finding renewable energy sources.

The dust collected in today’s data centers slows down communications speeds and can create a serious fire hazard. MMDC’s are enclosed and do not accumulate dust which, means a faster connection and safer environment. The noise levels of data centers are damaging to the humans who work around. This noise also affects the environment outside the data center, disturbing the natural sound and vibrations animals prefer.

It takes a year or more to build a traditional data center. Whereas MMDC’s can be built, delivered, set up and running in less than 1/4 of that time. One self-contained micro modular data center can replace up to 4 traditional raised floor data systems.