Remote and Rugged Environments Need Tough Portable Data Centers

Illustration of cloud network with multiple nodes and connections

Traditional data centers do not fit the needs of today’s society. We need computing and data storage sources in more locations than we thought of in the past. Twenty years ago, we would never have thought about taking a data center into remote and rugged environments.

Today, we don’t only think about it, we are actively accomplishing it. Micro modular data center technology has created, portable data centers that can go anywhere. Micro modular data centers are built to be efficient and reliable, even under the strains of outdoor locations. They are self-contained processing centers, focused on a rack system that can be remotely managed. The containers house: control systems, data storage, cooling systems and security systems. They also can include climate control and fire protection systems as well.

micro-modular-data-centers-are-completely-customizableAccessing data in remote locations used to be problematic. But today, an MMDC’s, small size, plug and play features and versatility, create the perfect mobile data center. Built in tough containers that can be deployed almost anywhere. The options available include, weather resistant or weather hardened, for more hostile locations. Completely sealed enclosures protect the valuable equipment within strong cases.

MMDC’s cost effectiveness gives the ability for military and emergency services to have them ready built, on hand when needed. Micro modular data centers have the ability of quick deployment, for military support, natural disaster relief, and other temporary based computing needs. These units are highly effective in disaster related incidents as well as war-torn locations.

Micro modular data centers are completely customizable, allowing for specific types of data computing. For example, a news van could have an optimized system that includes: a server, media converter, Satellite Modem, switch and audio/visual hardware. MMDC’s, have a versatility not seen before in mobile data centers. Small, lightweight, durable and constructed to serve specific computing tasks. They are perfect for temporary, remote and rugged environments.