Micro Sized Computing Creates Bigger Business Results!

Micro modular data systems are front, and center in the business world today. Traditional data centers are centrally located, data has to travel long distances, slowing down response time. MMDC’s are locally housed dramatically increasing response time.
The costs of building and operating a traditional data center are monumental. While MMDC’s, are more obtainable for those that might rent space from a traditional data center. Energy efficiency is all the rage nowadays, and MMDC’s are designed to use much less energy. They also do not strain the energy grid because they are spread out and not a single large focused energy drain.

Their compact design and fully integrated construction require less space. This makes them much easier to put in smaller locations. With today’s face paced, high demand consumer market, data becomes closer, easier, and faster to access.

Micro modular data centers give more flexibility for data center workloads. Different business’ need different types of computing. One company may provide large amounts of streaming content. While another has fast paced mass sales and yet another stores and uses large amounts of images. MMDC’s are constructed to suit each company’s wants and needs.

MMDC’s located within a business or nearby, provide reliable, secure, processing and storage. Having data centers close to the end users is referred to as “Edge Computing” in the industry. Simply put, it means information and data are stored closer and delivered faster. MMDC’s speed up the computing process for the end user and give business’ an “Edge” or advantage.

The design and slim construction of MMDC’s plays a major role in the diversity of their uses. MMDC’s house all the components needed and are fully integrated, giving you one complete computing solution. Many micro modular data center models are plug and play and can be set up and running in a matter of a few minutes.

The flexibility of micro modular data centers allows for growth, due to their small size. It also allows for capacity to be altered for spikes in the data flow. One of the most compelling reasons to install an MCD is “down time.” With MMDC’s placed strategically, a problem with one MCD is a local issue, and the entire system is not affected. Instead of coming to a grinding halt, the rest of the MMDC’s continue functioning, and work flows smoothly. This also applies to data storage and possible loss of that data, better to have a small problem rather than a catastrophic data loss.