What Role Do Micro Modular Data Centers Fill in Today’s Computing Industry?

Though classic large data centers will continue still operate. They will also become more overloaded with data as more smart devices enter the market. The invention of, the Internet of Things (IoT), is adding a significant amount of workload. Overloaded data centers will be pushed to provide more data processing at higher speeds. However, as micro modular data centers (MMDC’s) become more accessible, the use of traditional data centers will decrease. The needed relief of the workload, as well as improved data transfer, is just around the corner. Instant Data Centers has recently merged with a major modular data center brand called Elliptical Mobile Solutions and announced ambitious plans to dramatically increase its market share.

Because MMDC’s are small they can be installed in thousands of local areas. Relocating the computing and storage of data within closer proximity of the users. Improving the access to data, and the time it takes to process it, decreases the delays that current internet users experience. The end result is a cleaner, more reliable, high-quality connection. Data is now located where it’s needed rather than hundreds of miles away.

The fact that MMDC’s don’t need an entire building or room means they can be installed in remote locations, warehouses, and even offices. The Cost-effectiveness, low noise levels, and extensibility make them more practical. On the other hand, large data centers that take use valuable property, are expensive to build, manage and operate, are becoming less practical. Installation of MMDC’s, enables smaller companies and organizations to manage their own data storage and computing processes.

One of the new trends in micro modular data centers is built-in IT systems, making them compatible with existing operating systems and hardware. With built-in IT systems already installed, deploying a data center can be accomplished in minutes.
Security of data is always a concern for IT administrators. A micro modular data center is a solid solution for tightening the security of data. Data can be air-locked, with different levels of security verification needed before gaining access. Allowing for users to be, included or excluded from the system, granting access to only the areas those individuals need.

Many executives in large IT and telecommunications companies are researching the benefits of MMDC’s. Including this topic in conferences and making efforts to standardize mobile computing. Of recent note, was the first IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing, and the Mobile Edge Computing Conference.

The computer processing and data storage industry are changing rapidly. The use of micro modular data centers is definitely on the rise. IT specialists are beginning to include this service in their ever expanding portfolios. Service providers are also taking this seriously, implementing the use of MMDC’s for their clients. In the long run, the end user will be more satisfied with their high-tech devices, due to this influx of micro modular data centers.